Oshkosh Core Club

A Megaformer fitness studio offering group machine workout and yoga classes.

Our signature 45-minute Megaformer Core class is a full-body, high-intensity low-impact machine workout, designed to increase your strength, endurance and mobility. All levels are welcome!

About Our Method

Our Megaformer Core classes are designed to make your workouts more efficient, providing better results in less time. We target your slow-twitch muscles fibers which help jump-start your metabolism and burn fat, while redefining your body’s composition and strengthening all the major muscle groups.

With 8 machines, our fitness instructors provide you with personalized instruction, modifications and pay hands-on attention to form.

Core Club Amenities

Enjoy our elegant locker rooms, fully equipped with showers, vanity and lounge area. Lockers are available for same-day use, only. 

The Oshkosh Core Club at the Oshkosh Country Club will now be hosting classes.

Our price per class or membership price goes as follows:

If you would like to sign up for a class, or have any questions about the Oshkosh Core Club, please email us: