Junior Golf

The Wednesday Junior Golf program at Oshkosh Country Club runs for 7 weeks and is for junior golfers of all ages. Each group will have a 60-minute clinic. We incorporate core life values, strong golf fundamentals, and a lot of fun! We are trying to build on the previous years but make this years groups more skill level based. It will lead to better lessons and overall experience for all the different skill levels. There are several factors that help determine what group your junior golfer should play in. These include age, golfing experience, ability, and overall maturity. We will work with you to make sure your junior golfer is placed in the correct group. The professional staff reserves the right to move junior golfers into a different group after the season starts. If you have never participated in junior golf at OCC in the past, please contact Austin Elsner before submitting this application. Each class is open to the first 12 participants, 24 in total.


We teach more than just golf during junior golf at OCC. Strong core life values are the foundation of all our programs. This includes respecting the course and other participants. Any junior golfers not respecting the course or acting in a manner outside these core values will be subject to suspension or expulsion with no refund. All participants must wear proper golf attire during junior golf. Boy’s shirts must have a traditional or raised collar. Girls may not wear halter tops or tank tops and all tops must reach the top of their shorts. Neither boys nor girls may wear jeans.

Junior golf Calandar

June 5 – Intro to Rules and Course/ TPI Warm up

June 12 – Putting 

June 19 – Wedge work/ Chipping/ Bunkers

June 26 – Irons/ Shot Shaping

July 4 – OFF

July 10 – Woods 

July 17 – Review

July 31 – Drive, Chip, & Putt Contest


Class 1: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Class 2: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM



$125.00 and can be charged to your account. Includes instruction, golf, prizes, championship, and awards banquet.


$175 and can be paid via check, credit card, or cash. Includes instruction, greens fees, golf, championship, and pool party.


Each junior golfer must have their own clubs. We will have some for sale in the golf shop. Please stop in and we can fit your junior golfer by height. If we don’t have them in stock, we will have to special order them which takes about a week so don’t wait until the last minute. It is very important that the clubs fit correctly so they can maximize improvement


We want to stress the importance of parent involvement. There are 7 scheduled play dates requiring scorers, 6 regular dates and 1 day for the Drive, Chip, Putt competition. Given the level of participation, the staff cannot run this program without the help from parents or guardians. Adults are required to be present if the child is to play on the course after instruction. This will provide supervision and make sure the child is following the rules and respecting the course/ other children. Adults will generally score/supervise threesomes or foursomes which include their child. If you are unable be present please let us know at least one week in advance and we will work with you to arrange something